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muffsplosion writing prompts/suggestions???

  1. sp00k3 answered: Fluff; Lots of it. Bounce points for tsundere Dipper.
  2. boo-tube answered: dipper and robbie dicuss sexy times and dipper gets scared
  3. ribonistahime answered: dipper and robbie playing house how kawaii
  4. copperzealot answered: Dipper’s got a really obvious crush on Robbie and then Robbie finds out and has to have an It’s Okay You Like Me talk. Because those are cute
  5. areolares answered: boys only acadamy
  6. actually-enjolras answered: ALLL THE SMUT
  7. penworthy answered: hmm anything h/c would be cool… or something to do with robbie’s band?? or if u ship it, wendydipperrobbie poly stuff (*u__u) or ZOMBIES
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