man the gravityfamily is so sordid it’s like a soap opera everyone’s twerking with everyone else

i mean maybe the pnfamily is a den of polygamy and incest and incestuous polygomy but we don’t cheat on each other

so yes in conclusion the gravityfamily could learn a thing or two from the pnfamily and begin practicing incestuous polygamy like us 100% of all problems solved

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    in essence pnfamily is like house atredies and gravityfamily is like house harkonnen
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    the pnfamily keeps everything neat and tidy and manages to remain adorable the gravityfamily is a cesspool of twerking,...
  3. satancanwreckme said: i’m just so confused and lonely why does nobody fight with me about stuff
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    Wait what the heck is twerking and why do we have to be incestuous polygamists I don’t want to be an incestuous...
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  7. frcakie said: but its a fact that me ken and blondie have banged feely and noel and both of them came out on of our coocies
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